HELPING the #WE4UA Volunteer Movement

The #WE4UA Volunteer Movement was organized and created at the initiative of the Ukrainian lawyers and attorneys from Ukraine’s cities of Kyiv and Odessa, who have teamed up and combined their efforts to help Ukrainian citizens abroad.

#WE4UA is supported at own expense by the organizers of the volunteer movement striving to help Ukrainians and be useful for our country.

The volunteer movement spends significant resources to maintain the website operation, pay fees for translators’ work, technical specialists, and cover other related costs associated with the activities of the Volunteer Movement.
We are constantly developing, we have assembled a team of specialists for the development of a Telegram bot, we are creating a call center.

If you want to help us to improve and get better further and beyond, we will be sincerely grateful for your financial support.

Options to transfer your financial contributions:

The report on the funds receipt and purposes of funds usage will be published every month on the website of our Volunteer Movement.