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1. Fill the applicationto receive help on the paperwork needed (given below). Provide more detailed information about your need for documents.

2. After the submission of application there will be made a request to the lawyer who lives in the country you are currently in( and in the town you are in, if it is possible).

3. The lawyer will receive an email, familiarize with your request, and provide you with the consultation. 

4. The lawyer will contact you directly either via our site using email or in WhatsApp\Telegram (or with the help of any other messenger), and you will be able to discuss the issue in detail. 

5. If necessary you can arrange a meeting with the lawyer in order to clarify all necessary issues and provide listed documents.

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    *spaces to be obligatory fulfilled.

    **here we ask to describe the situation fully and exhaustingly, as well as an issue and required documents in order to provide you with a quick and qualified response to your request.

    In order to provide more complete legal assistance, please provide all possible documents related to the problem (for example, a copy of the refusal of the state institution, copies of certificates, etc.)


    • If the proble, situation or issue is not fully described, our volunteers will not be able to help you and will not be able to redirect your request to a respective professional from the country you are currently in.
    • Consultations are provided from 24 to 48 hours and in the chronological order.